How Writers Manage Mental Illness

It is not a secret that writers are creative and imaginative when it comes to their field of specialization. Perhaps that’s because they can create a story out of the experience, ideas, and knowledge from their own and other people’s life endeavor. They can manage to come up with a fake situation in worst kinds and incorporate some lessons that can make it exciting and worthy. Writers’ brains are continually functioning that it allows them to often come up with resolutions with particular situations. However, even though writers are more capable of handling their emotional and psychological state through their masterpieces, they are still not excused from having a mental illness. Sometimes, their condition becomes the reason why they have to stop and discontinue the thing they love to do – writing.


Signs and symptoms of mental illness are different for everybody. That’s why the coping mechanisms sometimes don’t fit someone even if others are getting better with the use of a particular mental recovery method. And since people battle with different types of mental health problems, they are not at all capable of relating their condition to someone that they think also has what they are experiencing. So for writers, when mental illness kind of control their lives and derail progress, they stick to a significant process for psychological recovery.

They Look Into Medication

People may look at writers in a different angle such as mentally stable and aware due to their ability to separate real life from fictional stories. However, what they didn’t know is that most writers come up with a great story when they are under pressure, anxious, and depressed. It’s not easy because the condition can either make them continue writing or stop them from creating. So what these writers often do is seek professional help as to what type of medication can help them through their struggle with mental issues. Yes, most writers are undergoing therapeutic sessions and drug prescriptions. But it is not a cure though. It won’t correct everything, but it will make some things more tolerable at some point.


They Go Outside When There’s A Chance

Getting fresh air and going outside adds weighing energy so that writers can do their work productively. We know that a lot of writers tend to lock themselves in a four-cornered wall every time they get immensely dedicated to their writing. People assume that most writers don’t like crowded area. That they often stick to a small spaced room because they think that it’s much better to work there. But, they don’t. Yes, the busy city might make them anxious and sometimes distracts them. But a 30-minute walk around the streets can make a difference in their lives. Therefore, most writers try to appreciate what’s everything around them, so they can have a better picture of what resets their mind.

They Have A Solid Support System

People often assume that since writers dedicate themselves to their art, they forget to socialize. That’s entirely wrong. A lot of writers who managed to create meaningful and beautiful masterpieces are those with people who genuinely value and appreciate them. They usually surround themselves with happy and confident people. They do not allow or let toxic individuals to enter their lives. Sometimes, even if it is their close friend or a family member that doesn’t contribute to their well-being, they don’t put up with these people’s drama. Therefore, they usually remove their connection to those individuals that will bring harm to their emotional and mental state and hinders them from working their writing duties.


They Keep Happy Things Around Them

A lot of people assume that writers are boring, loner, and predictable. However, they don’t know that most of them are outgoing, fun loving, adventurous, and self-aware. They spend on areas where they look for things that make them happy all the time. That’s because these writers know that stress and anxiety with their profession lead to serious health problems. With that, they try not to allow any negative and sad thoughts in the way. Because when that bad vibe crawls up and becomes something they won’t be able to handle, they will find themselves in isolation and depression. So instead of focusing on the things that don’t matter, writers often look for ways to become emotionally and mentally healthy at all cost.


Writers often look at the beauty of the world and try to express it in their work. That’s the reason why they need to take care of their mental health.