Things You Ought To Do Before Deciding To Become A Great Story Writer


So you decided that you want to be a respectable and famous author. Great! But I’ve got news for you – good and bad.

Bad news: Writing a book is not easy at all.

Good news: All the time and effort that you put into writing your book is quite small compared to the wonderful opportunities it can provide you – getting published, being an inspiration to others because of your writing, income, popularity, and yes, a career that you are passionate about.

You should write for the same reason you pay bills: to keep the wolves from the door – most writers write to pay the bills. — Gina Barreca Ph.D.

Right now, I’m guessing you’re feeling over-excited and can’t wait to get your pen working for that first bestseller. You may have heard of some big-time authors who got their first few millions in their first-ever published book, and you plan to be like them. Well, that became news because they don’t happen very often, that’s why. So please don’t take the risk. Don’t push yourself to become a writer unless you’ve:


Learned A Great Deal About It. It’s not an excellent tactic to practice writing by trial and error. There have been a lot of books published about it – about how wrong it can be to not learn the craft before getting into it. Read about the principles of writing and how the bestselling authors honed their skills and perfected them. Reading is key. You can’t compete with the other hopefuls if you keep on writing and waiting for people to tell you that you have finally written something good. Have a thirst for knowledge of what you are passionate about.

…honest writers are ones who have “told the truth about the way real people would behave in a similar situation.” — Melissa Burkley Ph.D.


Written Blogs, Articles, Or Other Things Shorter. Just like going to school, you should start from kindergarten. Begin your writing career by starting with phrases that are nestled in your thoughts that want to be expressed. Write short poems, blogs, and articles so you can better see where you need to improve on. If you want a little exposure while you’re at it, submit some of your work to magazines that are accepting newsletters or articles online. Join an online contest, or perhaps take a short course about journalism. Once you do a head start on this, your experience will grow, your audience will slowly expand, and you’re building a name for yourself – one step at a time.

Adapting your attitude may also be necessary in productive time management.   Eliminate words like “never,” “always,” “should,” and “must,” from your vocabulary, which are signs of self-defeating thought. — 

Joined A Community Of Writers. Two heads are better than one, they say. And that is so true. The novice and even the expert writers are all part of a helpful organization or community that they can turn to in times of challenges, frustrations, feeling like giving up, or just about anything. Bestselling authors have written over a hundred books, but they say that almost every time, they wonder if they can ever finish what they’re currently writing. They, too, need some cheering up from colleagues and friends who have different stories to share. It will be great to have somebody read parts of your story and have them critique it so you can polish your work while you’re at it. Look for a writing community that you like and reach out to it.


If you think you’ve finally done a reality check and decided that, yes, you did all of the above, then you’re on your way to becoming a flourishing writer. Good luck!