Inspiring Teens To Pursue Creative Writing

My work life is considerably chill compared to that of others. I attribute this blessing mostly to the fact that I am doing what I love: creative writing. It has given me a chance to avoid a nine-to-five desk job, become financially independent, and live without conforming to norms. So, when an organization invited me to join the panel for the 2019 Creative Writing Event in town, I agreed to do it.

But then came the internal question: “How can I inspire people—teenagers, to be specific—to pursue creative writing?”

Some of my ideas include talking about the following:


The Joy Of Having No Boss

One of the primary benefits of being a creative writer is that you don’t always need a boss. Many folks in this field create blogs, self-publish eBooks, or look for publishers on their own. Meaning, no one will be nagging you to send an output when the words seem stuck in your head.

The Opportunity To Climb The Success Ladder Faster Than Others

I have lots of friends who trail after the conventional path to success. They get a job, work hard 40+ hours a week, and wait for the promotion. Although there is nothing wrong with this process, they still envy me for only needing to work for 20-30 hours per week and earning twice or thrice more than what they receive. That’s the beauty of being a creative writer.


The Freedom Of Working Wherever You Are

The stories do not stop flowing, whether you are in the bathroom or at the beach. Hence, you can freely travel anywhere without sacrificing your job. Doing so will be impossible if you are not into creative writing.

Final Thoughts

I believe that everyone has creative juices in their body, waiting to be set free. Considering you can do it through words and make money at the same time, why won’t you want to become a creative writer, too?