Getting A Career In Magazine Writing


A profession in magazine writing can be fulfilling and fun. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new faces, and work with talented people, learns about new things, and wonderful stories that fellow readers are interested in. On the other hand, magazine writing can also be competitive and something that needs focus, patience, and persistence. Once you’ve seen your name on a magazine for the first time, you won’t regret having spent a lot of time and effort on the job.


Job Description

So what do magazine writers do? They are journalists who work to seek, research, and then write different stories that the audience is usually interested in. The type of journalism that magazine writers are involved in differs from that of the other publications, like daily blogs and newspapers. Most magazine writers focus on the less trivial stories, while others create narratives. It can be interviews with your city’s officials, among others.

Most magazines today already have stories that they feature on their online publications. Some stories don’t get printed but are published on their o the magazine’s company website.

Full-Time Writer

A full-time magazine writer position is one of the most sought-after in today’s media world. Some writers start as staff writers, where they typically work the 9-5 schedule. Others may have official connections with magazines. These writers have titles like writer-at-large or editor-at-large. They are being paid per project and are not required to report to the office.


Freelance Writer

Because magazine writing involves in-depth knowledge and time, if you work full hours, a lot of writers prefer to go freelance. Some have at-large positions, while others work per assignment with a particular set fee. Freelancers don’t have regular projects or assignments. Perhaps they are just hired to write in a specific section in the magazine. Their workloads are not full or heavy, but sometimes they do get stressed running after assignments to live!

Getting The Job

  • A College Degree Or Previous Experience. It would help, especially a major or a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. If you want to work as a magazine writer, a robust background in writing, proofreading, and composition is a great plus. It may not be necessary, especially if you are driven, knowledgeable, and talented. Your experience and a collection of some of your best articles can also give you the chance to get a magazine writing job.
  • Get Into An Internship. Most magazine companies offer internships, as they also want to hire people for a low cost. On your side, this is a plus in your experience, as these programs provide you with ideas and an understanding of what it takes to do the job for real. An internship experience would definitely look good on your resume, as well.
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  • Start Writing Now. When you apply for a writing job, you’ll need to bring along samples of your written articles, stories, or blogs. If you have plans as early as today, you might as well practice writing now so you can hone or improve your skills. Do some part-time assignments for companies that accept single projects from freelancers like you. If you start early, you’ll have a collection that bosses couldn’t say no to when the time comes.
  • Learn To Love The Deadlines. Loving and living the deadlines is what boosts a writer’s career. You must be able to make it to your deadline. You may think that you can quickly put off writing a story until it’s near the cutoff, but you should always consider the quality of every story, blog, or article that you submit to your company. Once you get the reputation of missing deadlines, your future won’t be as bright.