How To Market Your Book

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You’ve written your book, you’ve proofread it and you’re ready to publish, but what next? Well, you have to think about marketing the book so that people know about the book and want to buy and read it. When a book is marketed correctly it can become a huge hit and it’ll make all the difference. You have to remember, there are thousands and thousands of new books hitting the shelves on a daily basis and yours has to fight for readers. It’s not going to be an easy process but if you think your book has what it takes and you market wisely, anything is possible. Read on to find out how to market your book.

Put the Word Out On Social Media

Social media can be the ideal solution for those who wish to market their book. Now, even if you are using a publisher to handle things, it doesn’t hurt to put the word out there. However, if you aren’t going through a publisher and going for self-publishing, you must do more in order to get the word out. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be ideal as you tell followers or friends online about the book which might encourage them to read about it. You can post messages and they might in return re-post them which can get more interested. What’s more, you could create a little trailer for the book and post on media sites such as YouTube. It’s a great way to market effectively.

In “Media Life” (Cambridge Polity Books), Mark Deuze, Ph.D., explores the interconnected and essential role of media as a part of our daily lives. The book uses the way media function as a lens to understand key issues in contemporary society, where reality is open source, identities are — like websites — always under construction, and where private life is lived in public. — Rick Nauert PhD

Get a Professional Marketer to Help

As said above, if you have a publisher who is handling the publishing side of your book they will also handle the marketing side. However, self-publishing is truly the more popular option today as it’s often faster and more effective for writing just breaking into the scene. So, if you are one, you must think about hiring someone who knows all about book marketing. There are lots of marketing experts who don’t cost a lot to hire and who can effectively market your book. Remember, they have been in the business longer than you and can know the right moves to take.

Even if you hire a publicist, if you expect to sell many books, commit to spending at least a few minutes every day on marketing. Choose the marketing approaches you find most appealing. — Marty Nemko Ph.D.

Offer a Free Sample to Friends and Family

reading storyTo be honest, if people read a book and like it, they will tell others about it and that can help spread the word about your book. Offering a free book to a family member or friend can be useful and while you might not think it’s effective, it’s actually a great marketing method. Yes, you aren’t technically charging them the booking fee but they might be able to get dozens interested and interest might spread fast. This can often be an effective method to try and it certainly offers a lot of potential too.

If you offer a workshop or presentation, have the attendees complete a sign-in sheet with their names and email addresses. You can follow up with a thank-you email and free resource (maybe a link to a TED Talk, or a PDF of a resource guide you created) and note if you receive a reply. —

Market Wisely

Marketing a book can seem like a struggle but with some help behind you and some quick thinking, you can take your book globally before you know it. Remember, if you publish with the right platforms, that can help as well. You just need to market the book wisely and think about which avenues will be most effective. Have a good book tour!