Publishing Tips


Writing a book is a wonderful achievement and it’s something that is truly your own. Taking your book to the next level and getting it published can truly be a major step and one that sends authors into a spin. However, while it might seem scary, it’s the next step for writers and it’s the only real way to know if people like what you write. Read on to find a few simple publishing tips that might prove useful for you today.

Scrutinize your novel’s first chapter, deeply and often. If it’s back story that’s not necessary at this point, cut it, or switch the chapter order. Make your first chapter one that will wake up an agent or editor. — Susan K Perry Ph.D.

Have You Had The Book Professionally Proofread?

First and foremost, you need a new set of eyes to go over the manuscript and check for errors. Now, you might think you have looked over it a dozen times and it’s perfect but it’s easy to miss things, especially when you have written it personally. That is why you have to have someone look over the novel that has no interest in it, such as a professional proofreader. These are the ideal people to view the work with a fresh set of eyes and they know what they’re looking for. They can pick up on minor errors in the structure of the book as well as the grammar and spelling errors. This can help ensure your book is published perfectly and avoid negative reviews on the grammar and structure.

Always Copyright the Novel

Despite the fact that there are many honest people out there, there are also many dishonest ones and you should think about copyright. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think and there are lots of simple ways to copyright. For starters, you could print out a copy of the novel; put it into a padded envelope and send it recorded delivery to your home address. However, you do not open the letter and that is a simple way to copyright. It’s the cheaper method but it can be somewhat affected. There is a more proper way to copyright and whether you prefer the simpler or more proper way, look at copyright.

Advances for non-stars have shrunk. Today, first-time not-august authors typically get a $5,000 to $15,000 advance against a royalty of 8-12% of cover price. — Marty Nemko Ph.D.

Self-Publishing Is Quicker Than Publishers But Needs Proper Marketing

More and more are looking into self-publishing and this can be truly effective. You have to remember, publishers get thousands of manuscripts each and every week and they really want to publish the best. That doesn’t mean to say yours isn’t the best but that maybe it’s not what the publisher is looking for at this moment in time. However, that is why self-publishing has become extremely popular. This can be simple to do and there are lots of avenues to explore such as E-Pub and Amazon but the trick is to have good marketing behind you. Publishing yourself can be more than effective but again you must market wisely.

Publish When Ready

readingA lot of people think if they rush to publish, it’ll be useful in getting their book out and making money. However, while it might seem ideal to opt for this route, it’s not always the smartest as it could result in errors and you personally disliking the book. It’s important to take your time over this process and ensure it’s ready for publishing. You might want to change something and if that’s the case, go for it. Only publish when you’re ready.

The first step in this activity is to realize that although you may hear several different voices in your head (the critic, the people-pleaser, etc.), another voice exists that you can call your true self, your guardian angel, or your higher self. This inner voice knows peace and joy and guides you in making choices that feel right for you, without fear. — Aqsa Zareen Farooqui, MS, LPC

Love Publishing Your Book

Publishing a book isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are many routes for you to take and in truth, it doesn’t have to be extremely costly either as long as you have the help behind you. However, publishing can be the next important step for authors and it doesn’t have to be too scary either. Love publishing and hopefully you’ll have success when it comes to writing.