Why Writers Need To Socialize Sometimes

I had a one-off chance to speak at the 2017 Writer Symposium in our town. A local organization had been keeping tabs of my writing. They admired my work, so they wanted me to talk about it in front of other aspiring writers.

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At first, I wanted to decline the offer. As heartwarming as it was, agreeing to participate would mean leaving the house and speaking to at least 100 strangers. Talking to anyone for days on end was what I successfully evaded when I decided to become and writer, and now this!
But then again, my mother—the voice of reason at home—told me, “When will you ever experience this?” She emphasized, “You have been holed up at home for years. Yes, you are happy with your work, but you also need to socialize sometimes.” Though I had no idea why the latter was necessary, I ended up accepting the invitation.
Looking back at the symposium now, I must say that I don’t regret it. And my mother’s correct—writers need to socialize sometimes. Doing so allows you to:
Rekindle Your Passion For Writing
When you go to a social function for writers, you can’t help but relive everything you have gone through. Good or bad experiences, they all come out of you. Instead of feeling bitter, though, you may remember why you love writing in the first place.

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Inspire New People
Your failures and achievements as a writer can inspire individuals who have not even started in the business. They will realize that it is a fulfilling job, despite the hardships that may come in the beginning.
Get Inspired By Others
Of course, attending a symposium makes you aware of the things that other writers have experienced. Some of them may even be more successful than you are now. Their stories can inspire you to work harder than ever to achieve your dreams.


How can you not socialize from time to time after knowing such benefits?